The Sales Division

The Sales Division was originally set up to manage the marketing and sales of in-house aircraft owned from within the group. The experience and expertise gained through the marketing of our own aircraft progressively led to the ability to offer an effective and expert aircraft sales service to our customers around the world.

This division has expanded rapidly 1990, and as the market developed so have we to become one of the leading companies for the sale of turboprop aircraft world-wide.

Since David Robinson successfully sold over one hundred aircraft to buyers from the USA, the Far East, Europe, Africa and Asia.

We have accumulated extensive aviation data from varied sources, including manufacturers and operators. This provides us with a research capability based not only on the theoretical performance and expectations but also in the actual practical realities achieved in operation.

Our commitment to accuracy and the latest market conditions is further enhanced by our utilisation of one of the most accurate and detailed aviation databases available. Our experience allows us to offer accurate aircraft valuations and residual values.

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